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Conscious Beauty - 7 Things to think about.

Conscious Beauty - 7 Things to think about.

Conscious beauty – 7 things to think about 

I found this article written by the amazing Adrielyn Christi and contributions from Nina Simons. It gives a great explanation on things to think about when you are wanting to become more conscious with your beauty regime and products that you buy. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did. 

‘Over the past few years, production in many industries has become more ethical and transparent due to the consumer’s demand as well as technology and media. The beauty industry is following the same trend by adopting more responsible ways of production like all natural ingredients, sustainability, biodegradable packaging, and cruelty-free products. Conscious beauty implies consumer’s awareness and a strong interest in products that are placing a focus on health and environment. In the attempt to get hold of the quality and healthy products, many consumers end up deceived by misleading marketing that stands behind some brands. Before you splurge on beautifying next time, here are few things to take into account.

Organic products

Organic products guarantee toxic-free origins of any ingredient. In the beauty industry, organic products include ingredients that are free of pesticides, antibiotics or any other chemical fertilizer. There is a big difference between products that contain organic ingredients and the ones that are certified organic. Organic certification goes only for the products that consist 95% or more of the ingredients that are certified organic. However, many companies brand their products as organic, where in fact they are made with some organic ingredients combined with unwanted chemicals. Read the labels and look for the logos of certification authority.

Cruelty-free products

Increasing number of people finds animal testing inhumane and are starting to appreciate advantages of cruelty-free products. The growing number of cruelty-free oriented consumers caused many brands to turn to animal-friendly slogans. However, a change in the marketing strategy does not necessarily mean the shift to more ethical approach. Many big brands mask animal cruelty behind the third party testing which usually means that other testing authority carried out the tests for them. If you are unsure about the specific product, read the ingredients list and learn which ingredients to avoid.

Natural products

Choosing natural products is the best way to avoid chemicals, although not all synthetic ingredients are necessarily harmful. Natural products consist of mineral, botanical and animal ingredients while many products can be partially natural. Some of the chemicals are added to maintain the effectiveness of particular ingredient or to preserve them. To make sure you have a 100% natural product carefully read the labels but keep in mind that sometimes some of the chemicals are not listed.

DIY care products

The safest way to give your skin a proper care is to prepare your products. Use natural ingredients from your home and avoid unhealthy chemicals. These natural alternatives are quite effective, safe and inexpensive. Ingredients like honey, sugar, salt, olive oil, lemon juice, turmeric, and baking soda are well known for their properties, but the list of useful ingredients is endless. There are plenty of tips on the internet that will help you create safe and healthy products, whether shampoo, skin scrub or moisturizer.

Health consciousness

Ironically, most of the beauty industry brands that promote good and healthy look are making products that can be quite harmful in the long run. On the average, women apply over 168 ingredients daily. Some of the chemicals can cause toxic effect and developmental abnormalities in children born to women using these products while pregnant. Being health conscious is a must at all stages of beautification so if there is a need for more demanding procedures, consult professionals from Silkwood Medical to ensure the safest way to improve your looks.

Sustainability in beauty industry

A great number of consumers are willing to pay extra money for the products manufactured by companies committed to sustainability. Such companies have embraced green practices like reduced packaging and using recycled materials. The number of consumers who are environmentally-friendly keeps growing and, as expected, many brands are making changes toward reducing the carbon footprint and saving the resources.

Vegan products

Buying cruelty-free products is a big step and good for health, environment and of course, animals. However, a step further is going vegan, meaning that vegan beauty products do not contain any animal products or animal by-products like beeswax or honey. Although the collection of some ingredients does not hurt animals, vegan cosmetics avoid any trace of animal ingredients.

Final word

Being beauty conscious is a big transition and moving forward to healthier life. Although it can be tricky to avoid marketing traps that brands use, the key is to educate yourself and to know how to read labels. Go with the trusted logos and brands and don’t hesitate to prepare your beautifying cocktail made of ingredients right from your kitchen. Limiting the number of toxins that you normally expose your body to will inevitably result in better appearance and health.’