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Mood Boosting Beauty

Mood Boosting Beauty

Mood boosting Beauty

 Take a look at our founder Sian Elan's top beauty products that she uses to lift her mood during lockdown.....

There’s no denying the way our skin looks can have a huge impact on how we feel. Can a lipstick, concealer or serum really lift our mood and change the way we carry on with our day?

My answer is yes! I don’t k now about you but the minute I brighten my eyes or add a pop of colour to my cheeks and lips I instantly feel brighter and uplifted on days I feel a little low.

 So here are my 5 top beauty products I reach for everyday to lift my mood at home.

  1. Tanning drops in moisturiser everyday

Give yourself a tan and feel the warmth glow through your skin. I know I am missing sun sea and sand! So, I’ve been adding 2 to 3 drops of the Tropic skincare sun drops to my moisturiser every day. Makes my skin feel bright and fresh each day.


Sun Drops
Gradual Tanning Facial Serum



  1. Serum - Glow

With or without makeup a serum will make your skin feel like you’ve just had a facial, multiuse mean green serum hydrates and nourishes the skin leaving a gorgeous glow. Also, you can use the left over on your cuticles or even run your hands through the ends of your hair. I am obsessed with this product.



Mean green superfood drops


  1. Concealer / tinted moisturiser

Don’t get me wrong I love my skin but the dark shadows and circles I can happily live without! The minute I apply my studio 10 concealer it instantly brightens my eyes.

Inika Organic Full coverage concealer



  1. Lip and cheek tint.

Quick and easy just like that you can add a dash of colour to your lips and cheeks with minimal effort.

Studio 10 Beauty Wake up and Glow lip and cheek tint



  1. Perfume

 I wore perfume every day before lockdown, yet I found myself not reaching for the bottle (of perfume) during lockdown. I love my Stella McCartney original so to have the sweet smell all day everyday just for me definitely lifts my mood. So simple and effective.


Stella McCartney Original


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Lagoon Beauty x