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Founder Sian Elan's Skin Story

Founder Sian Elan's Skin Story

My Skin Story

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In a world where we could dream, mine was always for perfect skin. No blemishes, redness or sore spots that ached my face. Basically I dreamed of a day that my acne didn’t exist anymore.

Now I know what you must think.... Skin isn't perfect, it isn't one colour, it isn't one texture, it isn't a blank canvas that has no character whatsoever. Skin is our largest organ that shields and protects our body. Pretty amazing if you ask me!

I was blessed with adult acne at the age of 25. Now the reason why I say blessed is because 7 years on I am in one of the best places I have ever been and when I look back at my journey, not having acne wouldn't have led me to where I am today.. Weird I know but so true.

Let me divulge...

In the early stages of my business I developed adult acne. Working in an industry that puts me at the front of the public eye I decided to seek medical help. I took medical advice from doctors and hospitals but after a while the impact of my medication I was taking started to have negative effects on my health (mentally and physically) and well-being. I began looking at the ingredients I was putting onto my skin and in my body and I was horrified at what I found. Chemicals that are harmful not only to me but when rinsed away became harmful in where they are going, how they were disposed of and the effects it had on a larger scale. Our environment. So I began researching my skin condition and how I could help to clear it with a cleaner and natural approach. I came across a couple of brands that were selling products with all-natural ingredients and had claims to curing acne with some clever marketing and photography. I was always sceptical about this as having spent hundreds of pounds on products that had the same claims and didn't work.. So I guess my approach to brands had changed.

My best friend's sister was selling products from Tropic skincare. She caught wind I was struggling and dropped me a message and asked if I wanted to try out a borrow box and test the skincare. I wasn't too keen at first but hey I had nothing to lose. What I was using wasn't currently working so give anything a go right! I Hadn't heard much of the product company, I only knew that the owner was on the apprentice! So I gave it a they did not claim to cure anything they simply laid out exactly what was in the product and made suggestions on why and how that ingredient or product could help you. Clear transparency exactly what I was looking for.



Received my box and it came with an advised routine and how to use the products and what was in them. It was a good day, my first time washing my face with the cleanser felt soft, clean and smelt amazing.

Using the products everyday following the same consistent routine of what i was advised. My skin routine was starting to become a thing of joy and not hatred which was so good for me. I made the choice and invested in my own products and ordered everything I had used.

My skin was starting to change, it became less sore, under the skin spots became fewer and I started to notice that my flare ups weren't as bad as before. I still had them but not as severe as I was used to.
By this point not only was I raving about the products I was using, people were asking me about my skin and what I was doing to help clear my acne. They wanted to use them too, So I became an ambassador for tropic skincare. My love for my skin started to grow again and my passion for clean beauty evolved.

3 years later.... lots of research, trial and testing and finding makeup and skincare products that work with us rather than against us, care for our environment I can finally bring to you products that work and that I use in everyday life for myself and for my job as a makeup artist. This is why I decided to launch Lagoon Beauty.

Now because of the way Tropic skincare work I wasn't able to catalogue the products however I do have my own tropic website that you can find all the products I reference and use.

So please feel free to follow the link and take a look. Shopping from my site will help me to bring you value, knowledge and new products that are kind to you and our environment. Help support the brands that are making a clean change to the beauty industry.

All my love Sian x
Founder of Lagoon Beauty