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Want skincare saviours for the Winter Season? Lagoon is loving these holy-grail, holistic heroes.

Want skincare saviours for the Winter Season? Lagoon is loving these holy-grail, holistic heroes.

It’s been two years of seasonal lockdown, but fingers crossed that this winter will be a winner that is filled with festivities.

At Lagoon Beauty, we are looking forward to gloriously late nights full of overindulgence, but often the skin takes the toll, becoming dull, problematic and blemish prone.

If you need skincare hacks to get glowing, gorgeous and healthy results that look like Christmas has had you well rested and ready to work on your New Year skincare resolutions.


Get clever with your cleansing routine.

Winter can cause the skin to start losing additional moisture, and you’ll probably find that you will need to incorporate more hydrating and nourishing products to protect skin from cold, damp conditions. Combine that with

 Double cleanse daily, with award-winning, beautiful Cleansing Face Balm, from UpCircle, made with finely-ground powder of discarded apricot stones and perfect for all skin types. Remove makeup, pollution and impurities with skin-calming blackcurrant seed, blue tansy and sea buckthorn oils.

Or try Beauty Cleanse’s Anti Pollution Deep Cleansing Oil and Makeup Remover… it’s brimming with nutrient-rich superfood ingredients and just like a Juice Cleanse for stressed-out & blemish-prone complexions.


Mask up.

We are all used to facial covering masks being an intergral part of our daily routine. And unfortunately that means saying hello to maskne or acne breakouts, chafing and irritation. Combine with winter dry skin, and it’s a dermatological nightmare. 

 Look no further than this do-it-all multitasking miracle Nearly Everything Powder Mask from Beauty Cleanse, loaded with liquorice, rice and charcoal extracts. Brighten and tighten with an instant radiance boost, whilst delivering deep cleansing to pores, this turmeric and aloe vera enriched mask is perfect for reducing dark spots, inflammation UVA damage. It’s also cleverly made using up-cycled rice and unwanted charcoal extracts utilised from British food industry.


Power skin with plants.

January is Veganuary and going plant-based has so many benefits for skin as well as general wellbeing and environment. Veggies are loaded with healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals, which can improve skin clarity and help you give beauty benefits by strengthening body’s cells to battle against free radicals which can be found in broccoli and bell peppers.

Bolster and boost collagen regeneration with all-star antioxidant vitamin C which can help calm acne and increase skin elasticity. Or try tasty tofu, which contain the same natural hydrocolloids which many plant-based skincare products contain in texture without needing to add environmentally harmful petrochemicals.

We are very pleased to welcome Scandinavian minimal wellness brand Meraki to Lagoon Beauty, which are created with clean ingredients and invite you to make the most of moments in nature.